February Meetup 2019

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February Meetup 2019

2019-02-08 | Laurence de Villers | Events, Meetup

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019!

We have a special meetup this month! It will be held by our sponsor onepoint!
They are providing food and drinks  🎉

606, rue Cathcart, Office 400, Montréal (Québec) H3B 1K9


  • 18:00 Socializing!
  • 18:30 Using RecyclerView to show multiple different kinds of items by John Brohan
  • 19:15 Break
  • 19:30 MVVM on Android by Sami Lassed



Using RecyclerView to show multiple different kinds of items

Level: Beginner

by John Brohan

RecyclerViews are very fast and offer a way to show a part of a larger database without concern for the full size of the database. It is an added complication to have more than one view to show, but this is well supported and works well.

My app gathers observations for a whole day and shows this as a recyclerView. Swiping moves up or down within a day and right to left changes days. I will use this app as the backbone of my presentation


I’ve been programming computers for rather a long time, mostly in real time data acquisition. The last LabView job was to instrument a simulator for a mine which happens to be in porous rock under a lake. The goal of the simulator is to see how best to freeze the ground before cutting out the frozen rock. Thermocouples, pumps valves flow meters and so on!
In the last ten years I’ve been trying to program mobile phones to help people with disabilities, especially Old People.

MVVM on Android

Level: Intermediate

by Sami Lassed, Bell Canada

How to do MVVM on Android


A team lead with more than 07 years of experience in depth knowledge of Android, J2EE, Android Embedded Development,iOS, Java Development Tool chain and a deep experience on Software analyses & Design, Cloud Development, Mobile and Distributed Solutions.
A highly motivated individual who is always willing to learn, be able to work to tight deadlines and who can communicate effectively. Someone who encourages learning and the sharing of ideas and who is always open to new ways of working.