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# Speaker Notes

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Quick and easy source code management (5-10min)

Using SourceTree makes using git less of a chore. Very positive if you’re trying to bring team recruits who are used to SVN up-to-speed on git.

We’ll be demoing it’s use in our code example in a few minutes.

GitHub is the classic choice for free hosting if you don’t mind publishing your bright new idea to the world.

If you’re a bit more shy (What happens at StartupWeekend stays at StartupWeekend?) and would like to keep your big idea private, just use BitBucket.

It’s free for up to 5 users and supports Git or Mercurial. It also has nice collaboration features. (Good for post-hackathon follow up.)

Synchronizing binaries: Bittorent Sync VS Dropbox

Dropbox is a great tool, but if you’re like me you’vee reached the limit on that a while ago. You might be paying for extra space, but chances are members on your team are not.

Bittorent sync is a nice alternative. Just install it on your Mac or PC, add a folder to be synced. BT Sync will provide you with a key to share with the rest of your team, and presto, instant, unlimited, secure file sharing. Great for those bigger binaries or that pile of .pdf and design documents that don’t belong under git.

Rapid prototyping (fluidui.com,proto.io)

To be honest, we just wanted to give the non-coders an alternative to design screens and mockups. While preparing the demo, we started having doubts as to their pertinence in a hackathon.

As it stands, paper or the back of napkins are also great sketching tools. The main issue with formal UI tools like these is they dont enforce a platform’s design language. iOS has certain UX design patterns, Android has it’s own, and neither sketching tool really reflects these in their default toolbox.

Which brings us to the meatier part of our talk.

Rapid Android dev techniques

Leveraging IntelliJ/Eclipse UI Editors



You can follow along the various steps on github.



  • http://developer.android.com/design/patterns/actionbar.html
  • http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/actionbar.html
  • http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/menus.html



Using Genymotion for super fast feedback loops.


  • Blazingly fast, faster than real device.
  • (Integration tests at x10 speeds? Yes please.)
  • Perfect for product demoes on projectors
  • Acts like a real device
    • Access to Play Store
    • Syncs with your google account


  • <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="16"/>
  • Current version has softkeyboard/hardkey bugs (overflow a problem)
  • When using NDK/JNI you’ll need to make sure to provide x86 libraries


Quick, where’s my .apk??

  • Just run (ctrl-r) with your device as a target, or:
  • From your project folder on the command line (Mac/Linux with properly configur):
    • ant clean release
    • find . -name \*apk -ls points to the useable .apk.
    • adb install your.apk to install
    • adb uninstall com.your.project.packagename your.apk to uninstall

“Easy” wins when/if time permits

  • BugSense
  • Leveraging Google’s Android APIs (Maps, push notifications, etc.)


Chrome debugging

Pits of doom?

  • Like scrum? Use post-its, avoid time consuming task managers.
  • ActionBarSherlock: we love it, but if you’re lucky, by the time you have a shippable product, gingerbread will be dead. The time overhead isn’t worth it.
  • RoboGuice, RoboElectric are awesome, but you don’t have the time. 🙂
  • Complex

Tips and Tools for a successful Hackathon – July 13th 2013

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Presented as part of Montréal Startup-Weekend, our session will concentrate on Android development, but should be of interest for mobile developer in general. We’ll be reviewing some of our favorite tools for rapid development. We’ll cover:

  • Quick and easy source code management (SourceTree + GitHub/BitBucket)
  • Rapid prototyping (proto.io, fluidui.com)
  • Rapid Android dev techniques (leveraging IntelliJ’s wizards, using
    Genymotion for demos and development).
  • Leveraging Google’s Android APIs (Maps, push notifications, etc.)
  • What 3rd party APIs to use, and which to avoid in the short term.

Where: Concordia University, EV Building, 1515 Ste-Catherine Ouest

When: July 13 at 3PM



June Meetup

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Eventbrite for Wednesday’s meetup are live, hope to see you all there!


We have 2 subjects on the agenda this Wednesday

1 – Android Dongles

John Brohan, one of the founders of the original Android-Montreal, will be presenting the technology behind their Stay-in-Touch project this Wednesday:

== start quote ==

This is a presentation about “Android Dongles” which are small Android computers without a screen or battery, they use a television as a screen!
The presentation is more technical with an outline of the capabilities of these devices and then Stay-in-Touch as an example of an app that is well suited to these devices. Warning there are a few code samples, but it mostly relates to demonstrations or discussion of strategies for using these devices (mostly in this case without user input).

== end quote ==

2 – StartupWeekend.

StartupWeekend is taking place the week-end of the 11th and 12th of July.

We’ll be talking about and demoing good technologies and APIs to use at this type of event, and we might have a small surprise for people interested in participating. Also, if you’re interested in acting as a coach for the event, please come at Wednesday’s meetup and let us know.



Previous Events 2013

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May 29 2013:

Bertrand Orlowiez – Mise en place de notifications journalières
Philippe Breault – Getting to Know Android Studio

April 24 2013:

  • Informal meetup at “Le Vieux Dublin” after Google+ Hangouts meet-up at Google Montreal.
  • Gina Cook – A visit to the Android “Market” in Shenzhen

March 27 2013: New location, we were hosted by Nurun!

February 27 2013: At McKibbin’s Pub.

  • Presentation of the Hack-together app modules from Nov 7th
  • Etienne Caron – Google Maps API changes and improvements
  • Paul Pereira-Brunner – Porting Doom3 to the ARM architecture. Premature optimization by any other name.

January 30 2013: NOTE new day of the month!


Previous Events – 2012

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December 5 2012:

November 7 2012:

October 3 2012:

  • John Brohan – DTMF messaging between Androids
  • Gina Cook – LevelDB on Android
  • NDK questions & debugging session

September 7 2012:

  • Mathieu Mea & Maxime Rafalimanana – Pictarine

July 4 2012:

June 6 2012:

May 2 2012:

March 7 2012:

February 1 2012:

  • Anthony Dahanne – Maven Android plugin
  • Francis Toth – Android TDD

Previous Events – 2011

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December 7 2011:

  • Thierry-Dimitri Roy – Trucs et astuces sur le dévelopment Android
  • Etienne Caron – The Android Life-Cycle

November 2 2011:

  • Gina Cook – Bootstrapping Android Best Practices : 3 Open-Source Repositories
  • John Brohan – Beginners talk: Gallery View

October 5 2011:

  • A Hack together Part 2 – Code base on google code

September 7 2011:

  • A Hack together Part 1 – Code base on google code

August 3 2011:

  • Édouard Marquez d’Humanoid – Capptain
  • Android Tablets Show and Tell

July 6 2011:

  • John Brohan – Beginners Talk: GridView
  • Etienne Caron – Advanced: Applications of the NDK

June 1 2011:

  • Discussion of the spectacle HTC @ Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal

May 3 2011:

  • Mathieu Méa – Let’s get ready for Google I/O 2011

April 6 2011:

  • Francois Légaré – Arduino, Android and Robot overlord
  • François Proulx – PhoneGap Framework – Overview

March 2 2011:

  • Christian Perron de SDEVM
  • MITACS Reich Rebecca

February 2 2011:

  • John Brohan – Maintaining a paid and free version of an app

January 6 2011:

  • Jean-Pierre Lessard – Basic4Android
  • Fabian Rodriguez – Replicant and F-droid repository

Previous Events – 2010

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##December 1 2010:

  • Pierre-Olivier Dybman – Alternative Markets for Android
  • Mike Wallace – Android Life Cycle

##November 3 2010:

  • Karim Yaghmour – The boot process, Linux kernel
    androidisms, core system libraries, hardware support architecture,
    Dalvik VM, core Java libraries, application framework, main
    applications, development and debugging tools.

##October 6 2010:

  • Sebastien Bulzak – REST Part 2
  • Mathieu Méa – Using AppInventor to make a Twitter app in 10 minutes

##September 1 2010:

  • Anthony Dahanne – Asynchronous Tasks

##August 4 2010:

  • John Brohan – An Introduction to GPS

##July 14 2010:

  • Sebastien Bulzak – Data synchronization between Android app and REST web App
  • Antonio D’souza – Recognizing common issues and how to deal with them easily

##June 2010:

  • Philippe Breault – Automated testing for Android apps
  • Mathieu Méa – Short presentation about his newly published app: MonTransit

##March 2010:

  • Mathieu Mea – Android 1.5 / Android 1.6+

February 24 2010:

  • Mathieu Mea – Rooting Android phones
  • François Légaré – Signing and Publishing an app

##January 2010:

  • User presentation: Pourquoi un groupe Android à Montréal et comment
  • Programmer presentation: Linking Android to the Web