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July Meet Up

2017-07-17 |by Laurence de Villers | 0 Comments | Events, Meetup

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

The meetup will be held at Shopify!

490 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H2Z 0B2


  • 18:00 Socializing!
  • 18:30  Putting Rest to rest by Marcos Damasceno
  • 19:15 Break
  • 19:30  Mixed Reality for Social Good by Etienne Caron


Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants can use the software to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.


Putting Rest to rest: Let’s chat about GraphQL

by Marcos Damasceno

Shopify has adopted GraphQL for almost all services in the company. With GraphQL, clients craft queries and get back only what they requested, everything is typed and everything you want to expose is part of a schema. The days of not knowing what fields are accepted by what endpoint are over. In this talk, we will go through the basics of GraphQL and we will also take a look at Apollo for Android.


Marcos is a passionate developer who has been working with Android since 2010. He is a Google Expert in Android and is actively involved in the community, helping organize the GDG in Montreal and speaking at many conferences around the world. Since moving to Montreal in 2013, Marcos has developed great apps for large companies and startups in Canada and now is a Senior Android Developer at Shopify!


Mixed Reality for Social Good

by Etienne Caron

Exciting times for mixed reality enthusiasts. With many AR and VR platforms now available, we’re witnessing the birth of a new medium. In many ways, this boom is similar to the personal computer revolution of the 70s and 80s. People are wondering: “Besides games, what are these gadgets good for, anyway?” In this session, we’ll see how people are using mixed reality for social good. Then, we’ll learn about the Android Thing, Ar.js and the Daydream VR platform. We’ll see how you can use these and other platforms to build your own community projects.


Etienne is a software developer who’s worked on all tiers (server, web, mobile and embedded) of large scale software platforms. He is now a Mobile Dev Lead for Shopify.


June Meetup

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Wednesday, July 26 th 2017

The meetup will be held at Shopify who’s also Sponsoring the event!!

La GARE, 5333 Casgrain avenue in Mile End, (QC)


  • 18:00 Socializing!
  • 18:15  buddyBuild by Romain Pouclet
  • 19:00 Break
  • 19:15  Instant App by Philippe David
  • 20:00 Break
  • 20:15  Physics Animations by Boris Dubois


La Gare is a collaborative space in the heart of the Mile End. Subscribe to their newsletter here

Using Buddybuild for Android Apps

by Romain Pouclet

Buddybuild is a Continuous Integration, Deployment and user feedback solution for your mobile projects. This talk will show you how to use it with Android projects.


Developer Relations Engineer at buddybuild.

Instant App

by Philippe David

Instant App is available for ALL DEVELOPER. Come and learn the basic of Instant App.


Philippe is a software engineering graduate from École de Technologie Supérieure. Currently working at as a full time Android developer.

Physics Animations

by Boris Dubois

Learn how to create richer, more dynamic animations for your applications with the new library for physic animation.


Boris is an Android Dev at LaPresse+


Google I/O Special Meet up!

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Thursday, June 1st

Google I/O took place last week and all our organizers were in California attending the Mother of All Google Conferences. For that reason, we have no meet-up in May 😢.

To redeem ourselves though, we’re bringing details about everything announced at the conference in the best way possible!

A GOOGLE I/O SPECIAL MEET-UP 🎉🕺💃👯👯💃🕺🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉! 

Yes folks, we’re doing it again like every year, and yes, you guessed it, our friends at Google Montreal are hosting us🥇! Our agenda is full of new talks and new content straight from Google I/O!! You can also expect food, goodies, drinks, networking and to have a good time🤳💃 🕺!


  • 17:00 — Socializing and Welcome
  • 17:40 — The Future of Assistant on Android Things
  • 18:20 — ConstraintLayout is now the default layout!
  • 18:50 — Break
  • 19:10 — Getting started with Kotlin 
  • 19:50 — New Architecture Components: Best way to build your app 
  • 20:30 — New Animation Physics API for Android



Talks and Speakers

Here’s a snippet of what we’ll be covering on our next meet up

The Future of Assistant on Android Things

Talk by Marcos Paulo Damasceno, Android Dev at TransitApp

Android Things was recently released by Google as a new open source initiative to build IoT devices in a big array of hardware options. During io17, Google made sure to highlight the new APIs for Google Assistant and how this could power IoT devices for the future of hardware tech. We’ll go over the SDK basics and see how can you build your own Google Home at home.


ConstraintLayout is now the default layout!

Talk by Laurence de Viller, Android Dev at TransitApp

Yes, you heard it right, starting from Android Studio 3.0, ConstraintLayout is the new default layout for every new project or even layout file. Google first introduced this new layout last year and has been working hard since then to make it even more performant and easy to use. In this talk, we will go over the newly announced features and how you can take advantage of this great layout in your new projects.


Getting Started with Kotlin

Talk by Phillipe Breault, Google Developer Expert

Oh the moment everybody was waiting for is finally here. Kotlin was announced as an official supported language for Android and the crowd went crazy. So… What now? Phillipe will share all his knowledge with this new language that he has been using for a good time right now at American Express and give us the best tips on how to get started with it and migrate current projects written in Java!


New Architecture Components: The best way to build an Android app

Talk by Samuel Dionne, Android Dev at TransitApp

Google surprised us with a new library to help us architecture our apps. Lifecycle aware components and new data classes are here to make development for Android easier and less error prone. Sam will give us an overview of what was announced at Google I/O and will be ready to answer questions so everybody can be ready to embrace this new approach.


New Animation Physics Library for Android

Talk by Boris Dubois, Android Dev at LaPresse+

To finish the night, Boris will go through the recently released library for physics animation from Google which was showcased at Google I/O. Learn how to create richer, more dynamic animations for your applications


Ouff 😫, so much to cover!!! And… We’ll also have some surprises and goodies so you don’t want to miss it!



Venue and Sponsors

Our friends at Google Montreal are not only hosting us, but sponsoring the conference (Thank You)!

1253 McGill College #150, Montreal, QC H3B 2Y5, Canada


BuddyBuild is being awesome like they have always been by making sure we’ll have food and drinks for the night. Buddybuild is a continuous integration, continuous deployment and user feedback platform built specifically for mobile development teams. Buddybuild takes minutes to get setup, and automates the process of configuring a reliable and robust infrastructure for teams to build, test, and deploy their iOS and Android apps. Thousands of companies, like Slack, Meetup and Mozilla trust buddybuild with their mobile development because it allows them to focus on what’s important – building apps users love.

If you never heard of them, you should definitely check them out here


We have limited spots available so hurry up🏃, register at our Eventbrite event right here:

See you all soon ✌️!


April Meetup

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Tuesday, April 25 th 2017

The meetup will be held at our usual place with our amazing partners at La Gare!

 La GARE, 5333 Casgrain avenue in Mile End, (QC)


  • 18:00 Socializing!
  • 18:30 Android Things 101 by Philippe David
  • 19:15 Break
  • 19:45 AutoValue, What you should know. by Vincent Dubedout


La Gare is a collaborative space in the heart of the Mile End. Subscribe to their newsletter here

Android Things 101

by Philippe David

A brief introduction into the world of IoT with Google’s Android Things


Philippe is a software engineering graduate from École de Technologie Supérieure. Currently working at Yellow Pages Group since 2015 as a full time Android developer.

AutoValue, What you should know.

by Vincent Dubedout

AutoValue is a Java library created by Google and released as version 1.0 in January 2015. His goal is to generate immutable value classes, backward compatible with Java 1.6, and avoid to write all the boiler plate code. We will go throught Immutability, Value Objects, AutoValue and awesome linked libraries to clean your code, speed up deserialization and development process.


Vincent Dubedout is passionate about Technology, Code, Architecture, Mobile Platforms. Avid cyclist, polo player, enjoying the outdoors.