DevFest 2013 – Presentation Videos are up!

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DevFest 2013 – Presentation Videos are up!

2013-10-14 | droidmtl | Uncategorized

GDG Montreal Android is happy to announce the presentation videos from our DevFest 2013 Sunday Hack-Fair are finally up! We had two awards, a Public’s Choice Award and a Jury Attributed Grand Prize.

I can honestly say that the judges had a pretty hard time selecting a winner, we had quite a few good projects on display.

Our Jury’s choice award went to Avery Smith who presented his app HairPiq.

Hairpiq aims to bring barber posters into the mobile space. Users can take snaps of their favorite styles, Barbers can build portfolios of their best work. Throw social networking into the mix, and jury found the app’s potential very interesting.

Next, the public choice award went to RestoNet, by Jean Bagdoo.

Restonet acquires the City of Montreal’s public restaurant inspection data and displays it to the user in a set of 4 listview’s based on chronology, amount of fine, number of fines, and alphabetical order. Each listview row is clickable to display a detailed view of the offense, giving restaurant name, owner date , judgement date, fine, and more. (Soon to be available on the Play store.)

Our other presentations included:

ETS Mobile by the mobile apps development student club from ETS.

Gnito, an app that tries to bridge the gap between social networks and unify your online identity.

Map Marker, an app to help you simply drop markers at will on a Google map.

Wedding Guestbook, an app that allows guests at a wedding to record video messages for the happy couple.

You’ll find all the HackFair presentations on the following YouTube links: