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February Meetup

2016-02-21 | droidmtl | Events, Uncategorized

Wednesday, February 24th 2016

McKibbin’s Bishop – 1426 Bishop St., Montreal(QC), Canada

  • 17h30 – Socializing, Announcements
  • 18h15 – Save time : stub your APIs by Simon Guerout
  • 19h00 – Advanced Android Studio for Advanced Developers by Phillippe Breault
  • 19h45 – Networking, Socializing

Socializing, Announcements

You have an upcoming event, looking to hire Android developers? Let the community know.

Save time : stub your APIs

###by Simon Guerout

About me: Simon is a fan of the little green robot. After working a few years in the digital TV business, he quickly moved to mobile application development. He is now the manager of Sidereo in Montreal, an agency specialized in mobile applications and the Internet of Things.

About the topic: Coming soon

Advanced Android Studio for Advanced Developers

by Phillippe Breault

About me: Philippe is a software engineer at American Express and has been passionate about android since 2010.He worked on a wide variety of Android apps for banks, newspapers, startups, television providers and more.He is a GDE (Google Developer Expert), one of founding organizers of droidcon Montréal and is very active in the Montréal Android Community. Philippe is also the author of the ADB IDEA plugin for Android studio.

About the topic: Mastering your IDE is a great way to become more productive. However, it seems like every blog post or video rehashes the same basic tricks. What is an advanced developer to do?
In this talk we will take a detailed look at powerful but lesser known features.
We will bend Structural Search&Replace to our will, we will develop our own Live Templates, we will force studio to interact with external tools and we will take look at less known refactorings that you should be using.
Because remember, a productive developer is a happy developer!