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April Meetup

2016-04-11 | droidmtl | Events, Uncategorized

Thursday, April 28 2016

Our Meetup is held at and sponsored by:

###La GARE, 5333 Casgrain avenue in Mile End, (QC)


  • 18:00 Drinks, Snacks & Socializing!
  • 18:30 A Step Towards the Future with Android Data Binding by Ryan Gordon
  • 19:15 Break
  • 19:35 An Introduction to Project Tango by Etienne Caron


Drinks are sponsored by Nurun. They are hiring, check out their website for open positions: http://www.nurun.com/en/careers/montreal

We’re Nurun, a new kind of design and technology consultancy. We bring together human insight and new technology to design brilliant products and services for tomorrow.
As technology is big part of Nurun’s DNA, our mobile team works closely with our design teams to create high-quality, large-scale mobile applications around the world.
We’ve built hundreds of experiences across iOS, Android and the mobile web. We know mobile.

A Step Towards the Future with Android Data Binding

by Ryan Gordon

The Android Data Binding Library was introduced during Google I/O 2015. This library allows you to create declarative layouts with java objects bound to the views in your xml. Rather than referencing views from the xml to update the UI, the UI will automatically respond to changes made to the bound objects. This talk will explore the power of Android Data Binding and how it is used to reduce boiler plate code.


Ryan Gordon has been working with Android for more than five years. His passion for Android was cultivated as a hobbyist while developing mobile applications to communicate wirelessly with micro controllers (he also has in interest in robotics).
Ryan also has extensive experience with GoogleMaps as well as LibGDX with upcoming applications on the horizon. Ryan is currently working as an Android Developer with Nuglif and has made major contributions to the popular LaPresse+ and Toronto Star Touch.

An Introduction to Project Tango

by Etienne Caron

Project Tango is a Google platform that uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, to detect their position relative to the world around them.

This enables indoor navigation, 3D mapping, measurement of physical spaces, recognition of known environments, augmented reality, and windows into virtual 3D worlds.

This summer, Lenovo will be releasing a sub-500$ consumer phone featuring Project Tango. Let’s explore the possibilities and learn how to use the Tango APIs into our own apps.


Etienne is a software developer who’s worked on all tiers (server, web, mobile and embedded) of large scale software platforms. As a member of the Google Dev Expert program for Android, he loves to learn and share with the community. Etienne works as a Mobile Dev Lead for Shopify, helping make commerce better for everyone.