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Android February Meetup

2024-02-13 | droidmtl | Meetup

A big thanks to Transit for the venue!

Join us for our first Meetup of 2024 on Wednesday, February 21st. We will talk about Android more specifically Compose, architecture and Tensorflow.

5333 casgrain, bureau 803, Montréal, H2T 1X3



  • Etienne Caron – GDE and Consultant
  • Samuel Dionne – Android developer@Transit
  • Nav Singh – Senior Mobile Software Engineer @Manuvie



  • 18:30 Welcome!
  • 18:45 Quick intro to Computer Vision on Android by Etienne Caron 
  • 19:30 Break
  • 19:40 Compose all the way with Circuit by Samuel Dionne
  • 20:00 Generics gotchas in Kotlin by Nav Singh
  • 20:30 Discussion and continue networking
  • 21:00 End of the event


Quick intro to Computer Vision on Android

by Etienne Caron

Join us for a quick dive into using OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite on Android, packed with insights from the Instacart Caper Cart team. We’ll cover the basics, touch on overcoming some common hurdles, and touch on boosting performance with Perfetto. Perfect for anyone interested in exploring computer vision projects. See you there!

Compose all the way with Circuit

by Samuel Dionne

We will explore the library called Circuit from the developers of Slack and see what it means to use Compose beyond the UI layer.

Generics gotchas in Kotlin

by Nav Singh

I recently worked on updating a version of the SDK. While the SDK has been migrated to Kotlin, it still uses Java internally.

Following the SDK update and removing the nullability, everything seems to be working fine. There is however a crash as indicated by the following stacktrace:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter specified as non-null is null: method com.*.*.viewmodels.ViewModel$1.onSuccess, parameter result

Therefore, in this talk, we will cover the generics in Kotlin, as well as the upper bound on its type system.