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Android 11 Meetup

2020-07-02 |by Laurence de Villers | 0 Comments | Meetup | ,

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

For our event, we are using

Join here:

Android 11 is just around the corner and we are excited to share with you all that we learned so far while testing some of the new features and API.

Join us on July 15th to talk about

  • IME animations
  • MotionLayout and editor
  • New development tools.

We will be trying out a new tool for this meetup to allow for smaller breakout sessions and ease discussions between us all before and after the talks. Presentations will be shorter in time to allow for more questions in the split groups. So come prepared with your questions and we will do our best to answer all of them.

Android development tools

by Prachi Durge

In this talk we will walk through some new features of Android studio 4.1/4.2 .


Prachi is an Android app developer with more than 6 years of experience.

Also has worked with cross platform technologies like Titanium, phonegap and Flutter.

She is a WTM Ambassador with GDG Baroda. She enjoys Community work and networking.

IME Animations

by Harman Bhutani

In this talk we will talk about IME Animations introduced in Android 11. It is a new set of APIs which let’s you synchronize your app’s content with the IME (input method editor, aka soft keyboard) and system bars as they animate on/off screen, making it much easier to create natural, and intuitive IME transitions.


Harman is an AI Enthusiast and Machine Learning Engineer by Profession. Currently working as a Data Scientist , also pursuing Masters in Data Science from the University of Ottawa. Before that, He worked with some of the companies such as Accenture, Google, and T-Mobile, Hum-Hain, and did his own startup during his bachelor’s as well – Techorion.

PS: My favorite food is a circle cut into triangles warped in a square i.e. pizza.

Animate views with MotionLayout

by Nav Singh

  • In this talk we will cover how Motion Layout helps us to create beautiful animations.
  • We will also cover How to use Motion Layout Editor to create/modify animations. Which is introduced in Android Studio 4.0

Requirements : ConstraintLayout version 2.0/higher and Android Studio 4.0/higher


Nav is a professional Android developer at Manuvie. He is also writing technical articles related to Android/iOS at Medium.

During his free time he loves to watch Netflix, reading books, and playing with new technologies/frameworks, etc.