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June Meetup

2013-06-24 | droidmtl | Events, Uncategorized

Eventbrite for Wednesday’s meetup are live, hope to see you all there!


We have 2 subjects on the agenda this Wednesday

1 – Android Dongles

John Brohan, one of the founders of the original Android-Montreal, will be presenting the technology behind their Stay-in-Touch project this Wednesday:

== start quote ==

This is a presentation about “Android Dongles” which are small Android computers without a screen or battery, they use a television as a screen!
The presentation is more technical with an outline of the capabilities of these devices and then Stay-in-Touch as an example of an app that is well suited to these devices. Warning there are a few code samples, but it mostly relates to demonstrations or discussion of strategies for using these devices (mostly in this case without user input).

== end quote ==

2 – StartupWeekend.

StartupWeekend is taking place the week-end of the 11th and 12th of July.

We’ll be talking about and demoing good technologies and APIs to use at this type of event, and we might have a small surprise for people interested in participating. Also, if you’re interested in acting as a coach for the event, please come at Wednesday’s meetup and let us know.