Android Hack Night #1 – *The Road to DevFest*

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Android Hack Night #1 – *The Road to DevFest*

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Wednesday July 31st 2013

Hello everyone, a new GDG Android meetup is upon us! As you might know, we’re starting up preparations for our DevFest 2013 event, taking place on September 21-22.

The DevFest will consists of CodeLabs where we hope to introduce people of all levels to key aspects of programming on Android. The actual content of the labs is yet to be determined, but the hope is to have something for every level, perhaps with the idea of showing people how to go from (simple) concept project all the way to the Play store.

The second part of the DevFest will be a HackFair, to take place Sunday PM. Think science fair, where participants expose their projects to the public, potentially with small prizes to be won. (Draws, popular vote, judges, etc.)

The interesting part about the HackFair is that we start the projects now, unlike the hackathon format, people are allowed and encouraged to work on their project in the months before the HackFair.

Let the Hacking commence!

For the meetups leading to the event, we’ll be holding Hack Nights. For this first hack night, we’re asking people to bring a laptop, and get ready to do some coding. For this first hack night, the agenda is as follows:

  • Setting up your Android work environment.
    • Android Studio
    • GitHub / SourceTree
    • Genymotion
  • Your first App
    • Hello activity
  • Android Design Patterns
    • The Action Bar
    • Swipe Views
    • Navigation Drawer (if time allows)

Presentors: Bertand Orlowiez and Etienne Caron

Show and Tell – OUYA

All work and no play make for a dull evening, so our thanks to Mathieu Mea who will be demoing the OUYA, the new 100$ Android game console.

HackFair – Building teams and Call for projects

We’ll close the evening with a call for projects. You have a killer idea you’d like to build for the fair? You have 5 minutes (max) to pitch it to the group, then we’ll try to form teams to realize those ideas.

New Sponsors : JetBrains

And just in time for Hack-Night, I’m very happy to announce that we’re being sponsored by none other than the makers of IntelliJ, JetBrains! We’ll be having a draw for 1 Free License of IntelliJ IDEA.

Proud to useJava IDE with unparalleled java code
analyzer (600+ built-in inspections)

DevFest’s tentative schedule is as follows:

If you’re interested in volunteering or would like to sponsor the event, you can always find our latest contact information on our Google Plus Page.

Saturday Sept. 21

  • CodeLab #1 : TBA (Beginner)
  • CodeLab #2 : TBA (Intermediary)

Sunday Sept. 22

  • Codelab #3 : TBA (Intermediary/Advanced)
  • HackFair: Project presentations (Pecha-Kucha style, 20 slides of 20 seconds each)
  • HackFair: Tables with teams showing off their project to public for rest of day.
  • HackFair: Judging and Prizes