January Meetup

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January Meetup

2014-01-26 | droidmtl | Events, Uncategorized

Hello everyone, our next meetup will be taking place on the 29th of January, 2014 at 18h30, at Notman House.

The evening’s agenda is as follows:

  • 18h30 – Open mic: Advertise your events, quickly introduce personal projects, call for developers, etc.
    • PasswordBox beta developer program enrollment.
    • <your-content-here/>
  • 18h45 – Short Talk: An introduction to developing for the NVidia Shield.
  • 19h30 – Android News
    • New/refreshed developper tools and APIs
    • App highlights
    • Hardware news
  • 20h00 – Planning: Preparation for DevArts event in February.
  • 20h30 – Meet and greet: Our usual post-meetup diner and a beer.

For these free-form evenings, we always welcome audience participation. So if you have last minute things you’d like to present or talk about, we’d love to hear from you.