Flutter Festival – Online

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Flutter Festival – Online

2022-03-03 | droidmtl | Uncategorized

Saturday, March 19th, 2022

This event will be held online on Bevy



  • 18:30 Welcome!
  • 19:00 Flutter Hooks by Samuel Dionne
  • 19:45 Break (time to get another coffee / beer / etc.)
  • 20:00 Serverless Backends for your Flutter Apps by Roman Jaquez


Flutter Hooks

by Samuel Dionne

A Flutter implementation of React hooks. Why would we want to use those and how do they work. We will explore the inner workings of that library to better understand how the “magic” happens and the impact they can have on the code we have to write and more importantly the performance cost of them.

Serverless Backends for your Flutter Apps

by Roman Jaquez

Flutter GDE, Google Certified Cloud Architect and GDG Lawrence Lead Organizer, Roman Jaquez, will give us an architectural walkthrough of how developing the GDG Lawrence mobile app using Flutter as the front end and leveraging the Google Cloud and its serverless capabilities for the application’s backend (Firebase Authentication, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage and Cloud Functions) simplified its development without provisioning physical servers while achieving scalability, low maintainability and high availability – all under the Free Tier!